Hell in the Pacific (2001) Documentary

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This four-part documentary series was released in 2001 and aired on Channel4 in the UK. It focuses on the Pacific Theater in WWII.

This documentary follows the combat in the Pacific Theater and features interviews with American servicemen and historians (Eugene Sledge, Studs Terkel), British, Scottish, and Australian participants. Definitely worth watching.

Inferno - Dec, 7th 1941 and Japan launches attacks across the Pacific region, killing thousands in Pearl Harbor and capturing Singapore – a vicious and bloody battle ensues.

Purgatory - The plight of those who fell into Japanese hands during WWII. Over 100,000 prisoners of war endured appalling conditions in camps whilst doctors were raped and murdered.

Armageddon - In a war conducted far from the sight of the Geneva convention thousands of soldiers were captured, tortured and killed, both on the battlefields and in prison camps.

Apocalypse - As Japan weakened, her resistance grew – some committed suicide; with supplies dwindling others turned to cannibalism. But it all ended when the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima.

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