American Army Good Conduct Medal - Original

American Army Good Conduct Medal - Original
American Army Good Conduct Medal - Original
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This medal is in good condition as seen in the photos and is orginal.

The Good Conduct Medal is one of the oldest military awards of the United States Armed Forces. The Navy Good Conduct Medal was established in 1869, the Marine Corps version in 1896, the Coast Guard version in 1923, the Army version in 1941, and the Air Force version in 1963; the Air Force Good Conduct Medal was discontinued from February 2006 to February 2009.


The criteria for a Good Conduct Medal is defined by Executive Orders 8809, 9323, and 10444. The medal is awarded to any active-duty enlisted member of the United States military who completes three consecutive years of "honorable and faithful service". Such service implies that a standard enlistment was completed without any non-judicial punishment, disciplinary infractions, or court martial offenses. If a service member commits an offense, the three-year mark "resets" and a service member must perform an additional three years of service without having to be disciplined, before the Good Conduct may be authorized.

During times of war, the Good Conduct Medal may be awarded for one year of faithful service. The Good Conduct Medal may also be awarded posthumously, to any service member killed in the line of duty.

Army Good Conduct Medal

The Army Good Conduct Medal was established by Executive Order 8809, dated 28 June 1941, and authorized the award for soldiers completing three years active service after that date.

The criteria were amended by Executive Order 9323, dated 31 March 1943, to authorize the award for candidates having three years of service after 7 December 1941 or one year of service while the United States is at war.

Executive Order 10444, dated 10 April 1953, revised the criteria to authorize the award for candidates having three years of service after 27 August 1940; one year of service after 7 December 1941 while the United States is at war; and for candidates having the first award for service after 27 June 1950 upon termination of service, for periods less than three years, but more than one year.

The eagle, with wings spread, denotes vigilance and superiority.
The horizontal sword denotes loyalty,
The book represents knowledge acquired and ability gained.
On the reverse, the lone star denotes merit.
The wreath of laurel and oak leaves denotes reward and strength.
  • The second and subsequent awards are indicated by the wear of the clasp with loops on the ribbon.
Bronze clasps indicate the second (two loops) through fifth award (five loops);
Silver clasps indicate sixth (one loop) through tenth award (five loops); and
Gold clasps indicate eleventh (one loop) through the fifteenth award (five loops).

The Good Conduct Medal is awarded for exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity in active Federal Military service. It is awarded on a selective basis to each soldier who distinguishes himself/herself from among his/her fellow soldiers by their exemplary conduct, efficiency, and fidelity throughout a specified period of continuous enlisted active Federal military service. Qualifying periods of service include each three years completed after 27 August 1940 or, for first award only, upon completion of at least one year upon termination of service if separated prior to three years. Also for the first award only, for those individuals who died before completing one year of active Federal military service if the death occurred in the line of duty. The immediate commander must approve the award and the award must be announced in permanent orders.

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